Get to know the Zeithalter and it's best features.

Zeithalter Camera Harness System

for SLR and system cameras

High comfort and resilience for more fun when taking pictures

No matter if you are travelling with a Fujifilm system camera or Nikon SLR, thanks to the well thought-out design the weight of your equipment is hardly noticeable. With the snap hooks on the side, which originate from equestrian sports, combinations with cameras and lenses with up to 5kg can be carried comfortably on the side of the body. The chest straps are suitable for cameras up to a maximum of 800g with double security and for cameras with up to 400g weight with single suspension. Vary the carrying system according to your needs: The heavy-duty snap hooks can be easily removed from the camera strap or used for additional equipment.

Camera strap in a timeless design made from 100% leather

Made of 100% cowhide, the timelessly beautiful design is created in combination with brass hardware, which represents a noble contrast to the color of the belt and gives you the looks that the prestige of the production promises.

Customizable Camera Harness System

Flexibly adjustable belt system

Customize your camera strap time holder: The Zeithalter camera harness system is flexibly adjustable. Use the hooks to connect the individual shoulder areas to further stabilize the already very robust camera strap. The snap-on hooks of the carrying system can also be easily removed in a few steps when not in use.

How can I attach the camera strap?

So individuell wie Du Dein Kamera-Tragesystem anpassen kannst, so unterschiedlich sind auch die Möglichkeiten der Befestigung des Gurtes an Deiner Kamera. Mittels einer Schnellwechselplatte für Ihr Stativ mit Ring, lässt sich die Kamera am Karabiner des Kameragurts befestigen. Eine weitere Option Deine Kamera zu befestigen bieten die dafür vorgesehenen seitlichen Ösen, an welchen Du die Schnapphaken schnell und einfach befestigst.

More fun with photography

Thanks to high wearing comfort and pleasant material

Thanks to the belt width of approx. 30mm, you can enjoy a high level of comfort without uncomfortable pressure points, even under maximum load.

In addition, the shoulder load is optimally distributed by the specially designed back plate surrounded by leather. The weight distribution plays an important role, especially in continuous use: With the camera strap system, you avoid the dreaded wedding hangover thanks to the optimal weight distribution and you can enjoy taking pictures for a long time.

Can I combine camera strap and backpack?

Combine your camera strap and backpack to always have your equipment with you during a wedding or reportage and still have it at hand – the Zeithalter carrying system makes it possible! Simply carry your camera strap under your backpack so that you are ready to use at all times to capture the important things in life.

Which camera strap is best for me?

The right camera strap for every photographer

In order to ensure the best wearing comfort, the right size of the carrying system is crucial. In the L/ XL variant, the total length of the individual straps is approx. 136 cm. The strap can be adjusted via punched holes in the range from 106cm to 129cm and is therefore perfect for photographers with a height of 185cm – 210cm.

For photographers up to about 1, 80m, the Zeithalter camera strap in size S/ M is recommended. The Zeithalter camera carrying system flexibly adjustable. The total length of each strap is about 115cm. The adjustment is possible on punched holes in the range from 87cm to 110cm.

What advantages does the camera strap offer in comparison?

We want you to enjoy taking photos even more. The most beautiful shots are often associated with hours of readiness and heavy camera equipment that always has to be with the photographer. The Zeithalter camera carrying system was developed precisely for such shootings and assignments. Compared to standard carrying straps, the Zeithalter camera strap is extremely comfortable to carry, despite the heavy camera equipment. The Zeithalter carrying system is constructed in such a way that the weight is optimally distributed thanks to wide straps and a back plate. At the same time, it allows you to always have the camera at hand to capture the perfect moment.

How can I test the carrying system on my camera?

Order the Zeithalter camera strap in our online shop and see for yourself how comfortable the carrying system is. Test the camera strap with your camera in practice. If, contrary to expectations, you are not satisfied, you have the option of canceling your order within 14 days.

Do you live in North Rhine-Westphalia, Frankfurt am Main or Berlin? Test the Zeithalter camera strap exclusively in one of the photo shops from Foto Leistenschneider. Feel free to bring your camera and accessories with you to try out the carrying system on site.

What's included?

You will receive your Zeithalter camera strap well packed in a resealable cloth bag. In addition to the camera strap itself, the scope of delivery also includes the double safety devices or straps for additional equipment that can be attached to the side.

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